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About Collin Corporate College

For over 35 years Collin College has provided outstanding workforce training and education to the residents of Collin County. Now businesses in Collin County and beyond may also benefit from this rich tradition of quality instruction.

Through its Corporate College, Collin College provides organizations with opportunities to train and develop incumbent workers. This training provides employers the tools to engage employees, a key component to employee retention and satisfaction.

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Employee Engagement

“Ninety-five percent of all employers believe training not only improves retention, but also decreases recruitment costs and absenteeism.”

– Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Business Solutions

Collin College provides local business with opportunities to train and develop incumbent workers. 

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Essential Soft Skills

According to a LinkedIn report, nearly 60% of business leaders rate essential soft skills as more mission critical than technical skills. 

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Executive Resources

One in five managers will find themselves in litigation at some time during their career. 

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IT and Computer Training

Today’s business environment is increasingly technocentric and requires employees to refresh and hone the hard skills necessary to remain relevant.

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Corporate Collin College provides local bussiness with opportunities to train and develop incumbent workers.

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