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The Leadership & Change Coaching Clinic is hosted by the Collin Corporate College (CCC) for business professionals & leaders to receive 1-on-1 confidential advice on challenges they may be facing on the job. These 45-minute sessions give them access to experienced executive coaches who are impartial and familiar with a range of private, public, and non-profit organizations and their operations. These private sessions provide very focused and confidential discussions so that the leader can reflect and take immediate and appropriate action. 

Who is the service for:

  • Business leaders & professionals in private/public companies and non-profit organizations
  • Middle managers and professionals who may not have access to formal coaching programs
  • Individuals dealing with a specific leadership, organization and/or change challenge at work
  • Early career professionals who are new to the business environment
  • Expats and/or international professionals new to the US business environment
  • US-based professionals and/or leaders who are facing challenges in working with their global teams or driving global initiatives

What are some benefits:

  • Neutral and impartial point of view
  • One-on-one, confidential advice on a specific challenge
  • Customized perspective/advise to a specific challenge
  • For those wanting follow up coaching, please ask the coach for more information.

How do I get the most out of the session:

  • Focus on one challenge/need. If the issue is very complex and you can’t break it down into small individual challenges, then use the sessions to get help in breaking down the challenge and focus on this as the topic of discussion
  • Ensure you’ve provided sufficient insight into the issue in your summary when you request a session
  • During the sessions, keep “small talk” to a minimum and focus on the challenge/need

How do I sign up:

  • Click on the Book Now button and then pre-book a 45-minute clinic session by submitting a summary of the challenge you’re facing via the webform and provide your availability (dates/times)
  • CCC will assess the request to ensure it falls within the scope of the clinic
  • Confirmation of date/time is sent to requestor
  • $125/session (Recommended 1 attendee. No more than 2 in a session. Check for rates if 2.)

What are some examples of common leadership/change issues that the clinic can help with:

  • Jason, who has recently been promoted to manage a team, is finding it difficult making the transition from an individual contributor to a manager.
  • Abbie has been asked to lead a big project and to choose her project team. The team she wants to choose will exclude some of her peer friends because she feels there were others who were a better fit. She is struggling with the decision she needs to make.
  • Alfonso, who has managed a large organization for years, has been asked to lead a different organization within his company and has several challenges.
  • Tanya, a seasoned manager, is faced with the need to address a poor performer in the organization.
  • Sophie has joined a multinational company as a manager. She is having challenges working with her global team members
  • Oliver has just taken a big promotion. He is overwhelmed with the role and doesn’t know where to start.
  • An organization is experiencing a severe retention challenge. Ash has been asked to figure out what is going on and to help fix this problem.

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Data-Driven & People-Centered Leadership Development for New Managers

Six-Month Program Meeting One Day Per Month (4-hour Sessions)

January 10, 2023
New Leader/Program Assimilation

  • Describe the crucial mindset shift from employee to supervisor 
  • Strategies for establishing rapport with staff while maintaining respect and compliance 
  • Winning trust and establishing clear communication channels and expectations 
  • How leaders can live the core values daily along with leadership concepts and best practices 

February 7, 2023
Role of the Leader – Understanding the Manager/Supervisor Role

  • Define motivation and explain its impact on employee behavior 
  • Describe your circles of influence/control and how to use them to manage your situation 
  • Identify ways to build and reinforce employee motivation 
  • Developing metrics and measuring what matters 
  • Define clear communication goals to achieve your desired results 

March 14, 2023
Leading with Emotional EI/EQ Intelligence

  • Identify strengths and development areas using EI models 
  • What is it like sitting across from me as leader? 
  • Impact of Emotional Intelligence on professional contributions and decisions 

April 11, 2023
Culture Awareness and Team Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Differentiating among the five different generations in the workplace 
  • Coaching techniques to encourage respect, inclusion, and belonging among team members 
  • Challenging the Status Quo: Empowerment as Value to create a culture of Excellence 

May 9, 2023
Managing Performance, Goal Setting, and Feedback

  • Identifying your communication style and the communication styles of others · 
  • Explain the importance of a performance management framework that encourages a continuous and collaborative process with staff 
  • Describe the interaction process that will have employees feeling understood, involved, and encouraged to reach productive outcomes 

June 6, 2023
Leading Organizational Change

  • The role of a manager is to be a catalyst of change through communication, encouragement, and coaching 
  • Identifying common barriers and objections to change 
  • Create a plan for sustaining change strategies, measuring progress, encouraging innovation, and celebrating successes 


Cost: $129 per individual course
Cost: Bundle all 6 courses for $449


Courtyard Campus
4800 Preston Park Blvd.
Classroom 422
Plano, TX 75093


3:00 PM - 7:00 PM