Leadership Development Program

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Data-Driven & People-Centered Leadership Development for New Managers

Six-Month Program Meeting One Day Per Month (4-hour Sessions)

January 10, 2023
New Leader/Program Assimilation

  • Describe the crucial mindset shift from employee to supervisor 
  • Strategies for establishing rapport with staff while maintaining respect and compliance 
  • Winning trust and establishing clear communication channels and expectations 
  • How leaders can live the core values daily along with leadership concepts and best practices 

February 7, 2023
Role of the Leader – Understanding the Manager/Supervisor Role

  • Define motivation and explain its impact on employee behavior 
  • Describe your circles of influence/control and how to use them to manage your situation 
  • Identify ways to build and reinforce employee motivation 
  • Developing metrics and measuring what matters 
  • Define clear communication goals to achieve your desired results 

March 14, 2023
Leading with Emotional EI/EQ Intelligence

  • Identify strengths and development areas using EI models 
  • What is it like sitting across from me as leader? 
  • Impact of Emotional Intelligence on professional contributions and decisions 

April 11, 2023
Culture Awareness and Team Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Differentiating among the five different generations in the workplace 
  • Coaching techniques to encourage respect, inclusion, and belonging among team members 
  • Challenging the Status Quo: Empowerment as Value to create a culture of Excellence 

May 9, 2023
Managing Performance, Goal Setting, and Feedback

  • Identifying your communication style and the communication styles of others · 
  • Explain the importance of a performance management framework that encourages a continuous and collaborative process with staff 
  • Describe the interaction process that will have employees feeling understood, involved, and encouraged to reach productive outcomes 

June 6, 2023
Leading Organizational Change

  • The role of a manager is to be a catalyst of change through communication, encouragement, and coaching 
  • Identifying common barriers and objections to change 
  • Create a plan for sustaining change strategies, measuring progress, encouraging innovation, and celebrating successes 


Cost: $129 per individual course
Cost: Bundle all 6 courses for $449


Courtyard Campus
4800 Preston Park Blvd.
Classroom 422
Plano, TX 75093


3:00 PM - 7:00 PM