Cristina Medina

Cristina Medina


As Sr. Program Manager – Policy, Planning and Public Affairs for the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), Cristina Medina strategically aligns policy, funding, partnerships and resources to achieve impactful workforce development outcomes for businesses and workers in the 14-county Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) board area.

Ms. Medina is responsible for leadership and oversight of WSNCT’s strategic and local planning efforts; policy development and enactment; economic development, education, community organization and employer stakeholder relationships; and internal and external communications. Ms. Medina’s more than 20 years of workforce development experience also includes operational and program performance, administration of grants and contractual agreements, fiscal and budgeting responsibility, procurement, case management and monitoring contractor performance.

Prior to joining NCTCOG in 2002, Ms. Medina served as Executive Director of the Parker County Children’s Advocacy Center. Previously, she held Workforce Development Professional and Emergency Response Systems Coordinator positions at the West Texas Council of Governments.

An accomplished and inspirational leader, Ms. Medina develops and guides high-performing teams to accomplish their professional and personal goals. She strives to uplift those around her by helping them visualize what is possible, and then clearing a path to help them get there.

Ms. Medina earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Angelo State University.